How to make money by Reading Emails Online?

What is this method?
This method is a simple one: reading emails and get paid for it. Lately, this method to make money online at home has become popular and suitable for anybody.
Method little description
One of the latest popular methods to make money online at home is by reading emails. The method works in the following way: you need to create an account at for example Get paid for reading emails and they will send you around 15-20 emails per day. You only need to click the link received and visit the page for approximately 60 seconds.
For each email read according to these simple rules, you will receive 10 cents. In addition, you will also be awarded $20 as a signup credit!
Why choose this method?
You daily check your email and maybe read a dozen of email, so why not get paid for it? If you choose this method you will be able to make extra money using one of the simplest methods. You can increase your earnings when you have more spare time by reading more emails or decide to take a break - you are your own boss.
Expected weekly profit:
Depending on your spare time and amount of emails you read daily, you can easily reach $200 on a weekly basis!
Technical knowledge needed
No technical knowledge needed.
Ideal workers background & status
No specific background and status required.
Investment needed

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